For more than 30 years, Leather, Inc. has been known as Lexington's luggage headquarters. Brands such as Tumi, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Mosaic, Lojel, and Aleon.. These companies represent the best quality and features available in luggage today. Leather, Inc. offers the largest selection of quality name brand luggage in Central Kentucky. 


Leather, Inc. has been your source for Tumi for some 30 years. We've seen Tumi in all its colors and styles. From classic to cutting edge, from traditional black to eye-popping colors, we've got the Tumi bag that fits not only your travel needs, but your personal style.


Leather, Inc, is proud to offer Briggs & Riley. Because like Leather, Inc., Briggs & Riley believe their customers are family. When you're family, you do what's right. That's why Briggs & Riley is the only luggage company to offer a lifetime repair guarantee on all of their bags. If your Briggs & Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, it will be repaired free of charge. 


Sometimes life is bigger than the overhead compartment, which is why Victorinox luggage was created. Each piece is optimized for functionality and maneuverability, so you can move through the airport with ease. And of course they're built to stand up to the harsh journey your luggage takes from the ticket counter to baggage claim.


The JUMP philosophy is constant research for harmony between aesthetics and utility. It's been 30 years since JUMP begand bringing shape, functionality, colors, and sophisticated materials to the market, breaking old luggage codes and making dynamic creations to get away from the purely practical side of luggage. Come discover JUMP at Leather, Inc.


DOT-DROPS is designed for curious and exquisite travelers. They are nomads traveling across continents or working in an office with an open window on the world who are looking only for the best. Express yourself with the limitless design possibilities of Dot-Drops!


Say yes to American craftsmanship with Revo. Through modern design and a dedication to technical innovation, each piece of Revo luggage is a fundamental part of enhancing your travel lifestyle.